Yvonne Bowman B.Sc Herbal Medicine MNIMH

My name is Yvonne Bowman and I qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 2007 with an Honours degree from Napier University in Edinburgh.

I set up Inula herbal clinic in October 2007 and it has now been renamed Inula Complementary Therapies as I have since qualified in Indian Head Massage and Lissim Pain Relief.

 My interest in plants started in the 1970's when I studied for my Botany degree at Edinburgh University and  continued through scientific research and setting up a plant collection for Glasgow University. 

Later while  working as a school assistant and using herbal medicine myself I became more interested in the holistic approach to healing practised in Western Herbal Medicine. This led me to the four year Life Sciences degree course where I studied a variety of subjects such as clinical diagnosis, clinical medicine, nutrition, pharmacology and toxicology, biochemistry and immunology.

 I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists NIMH which is the oldest body of practising medical herbalists in the world and entitles me to use the letters MNIMH after my name.

  tel: 07934535863   email: mail@inulaherbal.co.uk