What happens at a Herbal Consultation?



Your first consultation will last an hour. During this time a detailed case history will be taken covering your past and present medical history, current medications, lifestyle and diet. Your blood pressure and pulse will be checked and any other relevant examinations will be carried out.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, a management plan will be drawn up and the treatment discussed. If necessary a prescription will be made up for you in the form of a tincture, tea or cream. As no two patients are alike, even if they appear to be suffering similar symptoms, each prescription will be unique.
 Your follow up appointment will usually be two or three weeks after the date of starting the prescription to check that all is going well and will take half an hour.

If you need further treatment, visits are generally at four or six week intervals, depending on the need for monitoring your condition. Adjustments may be made to the medication during this time to ensure it is at its most effective.

 If you are to be on a prescription for several weeks or months, your permission may be sought to write to your GP so that they are aware of what you are taking and any known possible interactions with drugs he or she might prescribe. This is in the interest of patient safety.

First Consultation : £30
Follow up Consultation : £20
Children under 16 : £20/£15
Medicines approx. £7 per 100 mls
tel: 07934535863   email: mail@inulaherbal.co.uk