Lissim Pain Relief



Lissim is a simple, gentle and effective touch technique that can break the cycle of pain and help you regain and maintain control, enhancing your energy and well-being. Essentially a self-help technique, Lissim can relieve a wide range of problems, especially where tension or spasm are involved. With regular use, it can also ease widespread and chronic pain.

Lissim has been shown to help with headaches, fibromyalgia, IBS, back, neck, shoulder pain and more. Please get in touch to discuss your problem and make an appointment.

Lissim touch is very light and non-invasive, and therefore safe for most people to use. It is a precisely focused but flexible treatment and used at the right points can often relieve pain over wide areas.

Lissim puts you in control and most people can learn to ease their own pain after just 1-3 sessions. My role as a Lissim teacher is to support you to acquire the skills and confidence to begin using Lissim yourself and, where appropriate, help with initial treatments.

An initial session will include assessment of the problem you are seeking help with, and lasts around 1 hour. I recommend booking a follow-up session (30 minutes) one to two weeks later to ensure a good grounding in the technique. Additional instruction, treatments, or refresher sessions can also be provided.

 Cost: initial session £35; follow-up/additional sessions £25.

Additional charges may apply for home visits.

For additional information see

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